Conklin #2 Nib, smooth and Broad w/ mild flex, $60, C379 SOLD



Conklin #3, XF+ and firm, $60, Item #C380

Conklin Toledo, 36mm x 8.7mm (oversize nib), shank crack (see yellow arrow), Fine w/

 faint flex, $38, Item #C376 SOLD

Conklin Endura Nib, std size, smooth, Fine & firm, $40, C375 SOLD

Conklin Endura Nib, senior/oversize, Medium, firm and a little scratchy, $55, Item #C377 SOLD

Conklin, Chicago, small nib, 22.5mm x 6.25mm,
Med+ w/ Med flex, $27, Item #C359



Conklin #7, this nib has no iridium and has
two small cracks at the heart-shaped vent
hole (see pic) and a crack below the word
'Toledo', have listed it because we just
could not scrap it, Med flex, $32, Item