Conklin #40 Crescent Filler Fountain Pen, RHR, 5 3/8 inches closed, clean pen, smooth

 Med+ firm nib, restored, Exc+, $900, Item #DB400


Conklin #46, c1918, BCHR, 5 3/8 inches closed, no nib, very nice looking pen, barrel is a

 bit more worn than cap, no brassing, lever system works great w/ pressure bar attached,

pen is missing its nib, correct nib would be a #4, Exc, $125, Item #CK236


Conklin Senior Endura, c1926, RHR (not plastic),, 5 5/32 inches closed, very clean pen,

smooth firm Fine Endura nib, beautiful pen, restored, Exc+, $600, Item # CK221








Conklin Sub-Endura Fountain Pen, c1930, halloween pattern, 4 7/8 inches closed, pen

 has cracks at the pinholes, otherwise very nice pen, very nice smooth Med #2 nib w/ mild

 flex, restored, VG, $225, Item # DB402