Eversharp #2 nib, Manifold, smooth, XF and firm, $34, Item #WE475

Eversharp #2 nib, marked Flexible, smooth, Fine w/ moderate flex, $44, Item #WE476 SOLD


Wahl Signature 14k, #3 - #4 size nib, 27.5mm
 x 6.7mm, Med, firm, $40, Item #WE458


Wahl Signature, 33mm x 8.2mm, Oversize /
 #6 sized nib,re-tip by Greg Minuskin (
thus it is
silky smooth) Fine+, firm, $80, Item #WE385


 Warranted nib by Wahl, probably for an
 Olympian or other sub-Wahl brand, correct
for an oversize pen, Med+, 25mm in length,
med flex, $45, Item #WE359

Warranted nib by Wahl, see crack at lower

corner of vent hole, 28mm x 7.25mm, these

 nibs were put in pens that had the seal

drilled, Broad, good flex, $22, Item #WE434


14k nib by Wahl, nib lacks iridium, 27.5mm x

7.25mm, these nibs were put in pens that

 had the seal drilled, looks Medium, mild

flex, $20, Item #WE453


Wahl #4, Med, firm, nib-feed-section for $60, Item #WE429

Wahl #4, nib had a small contained crack - see black arrows, Med, moderate flex, $30, Item #WE423


Wahl, nib is from an oversize Wahl barrel (not sure what specific Wahl sub-brand the barrel was because there was no barrel imprint - perhaps Monitor or Olympian) Fine, moderate+ flex, $55, Item #WE387


Wahl #6, large nib, 34.5mm x 8mm, Med,

 firm, $75, Item #WE452

Wahl Eversharp, Gold Seal, Oversized, Stub, feed marked 1/2 ST, includes nib, feed, & collar, $235, WE326


Wahl Eversharp, Gold Seal, standard size, Manifold, Med, firm, $52, Item #WE412



Eversharp Nib, marked Flexible, 28.5mm x 7mm, smooth, Fine+ w/ mild flex, $60, Item #WE477


Eversharp Skyline, 25mm x 6.6mm, Med w/ faint flex, $30, Item #WE469 SOLD



Eversharp Skyline, 26.5mm x 7.3mm, Fine & firm, $31, Item #WE470


Eversharp Skyline, 24mm x 6.3mm, XF, relatively smooth w/ faint flex, $29, Item #WE428




Eversharp Skyline, 27mm x 7.2mm, smooth Fine Stub, firm, $36, Item #WE474



Eversharp Skyline, large nib, 30mm x 7.6mm, Fine+, firm, $35, Item #WE455 SOLD


Eversharp Skyline, 26.5mm x 7mm, Med, firm, $29, Item #WE422 SOLD


Eversharp Skyline Moire nib, Fine, firm, $26, Item #WE331


Eversharp Skyline, small size nib - 24mm x 6.5mm, Medium, firm, $27, Item #WE436 SOLD


Eversharp Skyline, smaller size nib - 24mm x 6mm, Med, firm, $26, Item #WE426


Eversharp Skyline, 26mm x 7mm, XF, faint flex, $29, Item #WE401

Eversharp Skyline nib, smaller size, 24mm x 6mm, XF, firm, $24, Item #WE404



Eversharp Skyline, 23mm x 6mm, F+, firm, $23, Item #WE448